Thursday, December 18, 2014

Welcome, Justice's Rose!

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We are pleased to welcome one of our newest divisions, Justice's Rose to the Project Sweet Peas team! Justice's Rose will be directed by Project Coordinator Megan Knebel and her husband Chad in honor of their daughter.
My husband and I started our local project Justice's Rose after our daughter was stillborn. As a young couple we had no idea how to handle this loss and had no guidance what so ever.  We were unaware of the many services available to families that had lost children. 

When we discovered Project Sweet Peas we knew their resources could help us touch many more families. Because of our loss we gained knowledge and feel it is our duty to share it with others.  A loss of any kind is difficult, but the loss of a child can be debilitating and if we can help anyone through this difficult time we feel a sense of honor that our loss can bring a certain amount of peace to others.
To learn more about Justice's Rose, please visit our website and follow them on Facebook

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Welcome, Zachary's Rainbows!

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We are pleased to welcome one of our newest divisions, Zachary's Rainbows! Zachary's Rainbows will be serving NICU families in the San Antonio, TX area.

Mica, Project Coordinator for Zachary's Rainbows, tells their story:

It all started with Clara’s son Zachary. He was born in 2012 with multiple special needs and spent 50 days in the NICU. This experience changed her and her husband’s lives and opened a door to a world that they didn't know was there. They received overwhelming support from family and friends, and they learned very quickly that not everybody was as fortunate and that there was a lot of healing in giving back.  Zachary lived two months and two days.  

After his passing, Clara felt that his mission had just started and it was up to her to keep it alive.  Thanks to Zachary, Clara was able to see families in need of care and comfort during the emotional times.   As the proud mama of 4: a 7 year old son and 3 angel babies, I felt a pull to help the cause any way I could.  We started our care project to provide baskets full of comfort and helpful items for these families. 

Clara recently joined the NICU Family Council for North Central Baptist Hospital (where all our donations go).  Our goal has been to stay in contact with them and continue learning about the needs of NICU families. We have the will and the team and the desire to do more; to grow bigger and steady each year.

I now have a beautiful set of twin baby girls and my drive is even stronger to help these families. We are so honored to be part of the Project Sweet Peas organization and to get a chance to be even a bigger impact on the families in need. This will be our fourth year providing baskets and I know it is going to be the best year yet!
To learn more about Zachary's Rainbows, please visit our website.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Volunteer for Project Sweet Peas

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Below you will find current volunteer listings for Project Sweet Peas.

Project Coordinator
Establish your own Project Division
We are in search of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers who are interested in providing support to their local community by establishing a Project Sweet Peas division. As a Project Coordinator you will create your own division and provide services that promote the well-being of families experiencing a NICU stay and/or those experiencing loss. Starting a Project Division takes hard work and complete dedication by a Project's coordinator. A Project Coordinator is solely responsible for running a project. Coordinators create their own divisions name, work closely with a hospital(s) of their choosing, control and maintain their own funds, keep track of all expenses, donations and inventory, and report quarterly to the Board of Directors by filing accounting forms. Project Coordinators' must follow strict guidelines and codes of conduct.

 Please visit our application to learn more about this position:

Assistant Treasurer
Project Sweet Peas Board of Director Member
The assistant treasurer is responsible for assisting the Treasurer with the management and reporting of an Project Sweet Pea's finances. You must be able to fulfill the following responsibilities:
  • Assist the Treasurer with maintaining financial workbooks and updates as necessary
  • Assist Project Coordinators with financial reports for grants
  • Assist to develop and implement financial procedures and systems
  • Assist in collecting and auditing quarterly reports that are submitted by project coordinators
  • Assist in responding to emails regarding financial and workbook questions
  • Reports to board on key financial events, concerns and assessment of fiscal health
This position requires a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per week

 Please visit our application to learn more about this position:

Writing Volunteer
We are actively seeking motivated Writing Volunteers to assist Project Sweet Peas! Volunteers will be actively involved in the creation and development of informational brochures, booklets, blog articles, and a monthly newsletter.

This position requires a minimum time commitment of 5 hours per month

 Please visit our application to learn more about this position:

Grant Writer/Researcher
Do you have experience writing or researching grants? Project Sweet Peas needs your help! We are currently seeking individuals with experience to join our Grant Writing Committee. Your responsibilities as a Grant Writing Volunteer will include researching, identifying and responding to grant opportunities that meet the needs of Project Sweet Peas.

This position requires a minimum time commitment of 5 hours per month

 Please visit our application to learn more about this position:

Promotional Social Media Volunteer
Are you experienced in social media development and engagement? Are you interested in giving back to the NICU community? We are looking for a volunteer to assist with our social media outlets. Help us grow our community and support more families in the process.

Please visit our application to learn more about this position:

Health Advisory Committee Member
In an effort to provide accurate and updated materials and services to the families that we serve, we are currently in the process of establishing a Health Advisory Committee of active health professionals. Those that serve on the committee will assist Project Sweet Peas by providing his or her professional opinion to our literature and services.

Responsibility Description - "As a committee member, you might be involved in reviewing current and upcoming programs, editing and providing information to brochures and assisting Project Sweet Peas in efforts to connect with others in your professional community. Committee members will be contacted on an individual basis when need arises. This position does not have a minimum yearly time commitment and all committee members reserve the right to decline to participate in a project. As a health adviser your information and credentials will be made available to interested parties including parents, and professionals employed at the facilities we serve."

If you are an active health professional that is interested in joining our committee, please send correspondence to Sarah King at

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Project Sweet Peas Celebrates Five Years

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Did you know that we are celebrating our fifth birthday this month? In five years Project Sweet Peas has grown from the dreams of three mothers to a nationwide effort to provide support to families experiencing life in the NICU and to those experiencing loss. Together we have provided over 10,000 care packages and hosted countless events that promoted awareness and/or provided for the needs of the families that we serve. We have established an invaluable community of volunteers committed to our cause and we are inspiring others to walk alongside us by offering their helping hands.
Together we impact thousands of families each year.
Our organization would not be what it is today without the heart and dedication of our co-founders, our volunteers and the support we receive from the communities we serve. To celebrate and to say "thank you" we are giving away two official PSP bangles to two supporters. To enter please visit our Facebook page and comment below our photo.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Online Tupperware Fundraiser: Ava’s Angels with Project Sweet Peas receives 40% of the proceeds!

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Online Tupperware Fundraiser
To benefit Project Division Ava’s Angels
Now through May 21st Ava's Angels (MN Division of Project Sweet Peas) has a Tupperware Fundraiser setup to help raise funds. This is a perfect opportunity to purchase some items from one of your favorite brands while helping a good cause. This is also a great opportunity to purchase gifts for
birthdays or Mother’s Day.

To shop, click!twx$eparty_ctl.p_guest_welcome?pv_eparty=9029638a8064101fbf707d1bf5a95418

In the pink square, you will see Welcome to AVA'S ANGELS WITH PROJECT SWEET PEAS. This will let you know you are in the right spot. Click Shop this Fundraiser. Different category shopping options are located on the left.

If Welcome to AVA'S ANGELS WITH PROJECT SWEET PEAS does not appear:
1. Click Find A Fundraiser along the top
2. Select MN from the state selection choices
3. Select Ava’s Angels with Project Sweet Peas from the fundraiser
 Ava’s Angels (MN division of Project Sweet Peas) has a Tupperware Fundraiser
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Project Sweet Peas Bangle and Keychain Sale

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Show off your PSP pride by wearing these gorgeous triple bangle bracelets.
Made exclusively for Project Sweet Peas, these bangles include a PSP charm, a peapod charm and an emerald bead.

We are also offering keychains that include the same beautiful PSP charm!
Order today to help us further our mission.
Thank you for your support!
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Adopt a NICU Mom Campaign

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Mother's Day is an important milestone for any Mother; for moms in the NICU this is not an exception. However, spending your day in the NICU with your critically ill baby can make this special day extremely frustrating and difficult.

Help Project Sweet Peas recognize the courage, and strength of these NICU moms by donating $7 today. Just $7 will "adopt" four moms who will be spending their Mother's Day in the NICU. Every mother that is sponsored will receive a gorgeous European style bracelet, a footprint dangle charm, two rhinestone charms and a 15% off coupon to purchase journey charms at Peek-A-Boo ICU to complete their personalized NICU journey bracelet.

Donate today because every mom has a story to tell..
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