Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Health Advisory Committee Members Needed

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In an effort to provide accurate and updated materials and services to the families that we serve, we are currently in the process of establishing a Health Advisory Committee of active health professionals. Those that serve on the committee will assist Project Sweet Peas by providing his or her professional opinion to our literature and services.

Responsibility Description - "As a committee member, you might be involved in reviewing current and upcoming programs, editing and providing information to brochures and assisting Project Sweet Peas in efforts to connect with others in your professional community. Committee members will be contacted on an individual basis when need arises. This position does not have a minimum yearly time commitment and all committee members reserve the right to decline to participate in a project. As a health adviser your information and credentials will be made available to interested parties including parents, and professionals employed at the facilities we serve."

If you are an active health professional that is interested in joining our committee, please send correspondence to Sarah King at

NICU Health Professionals Needed

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Social Worker
Physical Therapist
Speech and Language Pathologist
Respiratory Therapist
Lactation Consultant

Bereavement Professionals Needed

RN involved in bereavement services
Clinical Psychologist specializing in grief support
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Join the Project Sweet Peas Board of Directors - Assistant Treasurer

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Are you interested in serving on the Project Sweet Peas Board of Directors? Our Board consists of active professionals who are committed to furthering our mission. The following position is currently open on our Board of Directors.
Assistant Treasurer
The assistant treasurer is responsible for assisting the Treasurer with the management and reporting of an Project Sweet Pea's finances. You must be able to fulfill the following responsibilities:
  • Assist the Treasurer with maintaining financial workbooks and updates as necessary
  • Assist Project Coordinators with financial reports for grants
  • Assist to develop and implement financial procedures and systems
  • Assist in collecting and auditing quarterly reports that are submitted by project coordinators
  • Assist in responding to emails regarding financial and workbook questions
  • Reports to board on key financial events, concerns and assessment of fiscal health
This position requires a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per week

Please email us at with any questions.
You may apply for this position here:
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Help Project Sweet Peas win $10,000 from KIND Healthy Snacks!

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We are in the running to win $10,000 from KIND Healthy Snacks! Yes, that's right $10,000! All funding will go towards our newest initiative - providing financial support to families enduring life in the NICU.

Alongside the emotional strain felt in the NICU, families often face financial hardship as they struggle to cover not only medical bills but expenses for food, lodging and gas. How can you help these families stay together during this difficult time? By voting on the KIND Healthy Snacks website and by sharing with your friends. It's easy, quick and will make a world of difference.

Vote today!!!:

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