Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome Angel Ryan's Rainbow of Hope!

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We have another very exciting new Local Project in Angel Ryan's Rainbow of Hope! Denise is the Project Leader and Angel Ryan's Rainbow of Hope who donates bags to Iowa City Children's Hospital. For more information on Angel Ryan's Rainbow of Hope, please email Denise at Here is Ryan's Story . . .

My name is Denise I have been on a journey of grief for many years now. In my efforts to help others I heal my heart and grief. You see this journey started in January 2000 when I had a very tiny baby girl named Jesse. She was only 14 weeks gestation, but she was my baby and she should be known because she was loved. She was born early in Iowa City because of a terminal defect called Anencephaly. Later in the same year I became pregnant again. I was scared I was gonna have something go wrong but as the pregnancy progressed I became more at ease. If only I knew what was in store for me. I never knew Ryan was sick until he was born in Waterloo Iowa Covenant Hospital. I think it probably was better that way in someways but in other ways I wish I had known. Soon after Ryan was born, June 23 2001, we both were transferred to Iowa City Childrens Hospital. Ryan fought but his battle was lost June 25 2001. He had just to many challenges to overcome to get the operation that would save his lil body. The hospital was awesome, they did everything possible for Ryan and to make us comfortable. Being that Ryan came kind of unexpectedly we were not prepared for this journey. I didn't have one item bought for Ryan. Since losing Jesse we became aware of what could inevitable go wrong. Ryan had no clothes to wear, no blanky, nothing. The hospital gave us some items. Ryan was buried with his clothes but I have his blanky that I cherish. The nurses also made special hand prints in plaster of Ryans hand and gave those to us which I also cherish. I have to say that they did more than they needed to but I will always remember how compassionate they were. Ryan and Jesse's memory will live on as long as I tell there story and share them with the world. I feel proud that God gave me the chance to at least be a part of there lives even though it was short and now I have 2 special angel babies to look after their mom, dad, and siblings Jayson and Justyn.


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