Friday, August 20, 2010

Kiernan's Kindness - 1st Annual Frog Race to Christmas

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Project leaders of Kiernan's Kindness, Julie and Danielle, have been wanting to start an annual fundraiser for their local project of Project Sweet Peas for some time now, and they are excited to share the great idea they have come up with:

"Kiernan's Kindness ~ 1st Annual Frog Race to Christmas"

The event begins today, August 20th, which just so happens to be Kiernan's birthday, and will run through October 1st.

Kiernan's Kindess will be collecting frogs as well as donations to fill bags to be delivered on December 1st for the holiday babies. Frogs are the official symbol of Kiernan's Kindness so frogs in the form of stuffed animals or on fabric or even clothes would be wonderful!

Any donations will be accepted. There is also a PayPal account set up to help make donating easier. Remember to include an address in a message if using PayPal.

Please email or for further information and to get the address or PayPal name to send your frogs or donations to.

Let's hop to it and bring some holiday spirit and joy to the families spending Christmas in the NICU!


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