Friday, October 21, 2011

Shelby's Sunshine with Project Sweet Peas 2ND Annual Polar Plunge

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Come out and brave the cold for a great cause! All monies collected will go towards the purchase of items to fill gift bags for families with a child in the NICU.

INTERESTED in taking the PLUNGE?
For $20 you will take The Plunge and receive a Shelby's Sunshine t-shirt for your support! To officially "Plunge" you only have to get in the water up to your waist! Children are welcome to participate to any water level they are comfortable with.

Shelby's Sunshine is an INDIANA Chapter of Project Sweet Peas. We are a small project that is trying to make a difference in families who on a day to day basis are suffering.

We know the feeling of being in the NICU. Our daughter Shelby was in the NICU for 56 days. Going through day to day not knowing what the outcome would be was very difficult. Today Shelby is a 5 year old Blessing. We started Shelby's Sunshine to give to families that are in the same situation we were in.

Shelby's Sunshine with Project Sweet Peas 2nd Annual Polar Plunge is at the Mooose Lodge on November 27th 2011 starting at 2pm.


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