Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shannon's Star Survival Bracelet Sale

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Shannon’s Star Survival Bracelet Sale

Sweet Pea Survival Bracelets are specially made for anyone that has survived the intensive care unit or the loss a child.

They say that a stay in the ICU is like a war zone, with the alarms, cries, sickness and death. If you are a Parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Friend that seen or been through the hardship of having a child endure a NICU/PICU stay in the hospital then you are a survivor.

The loss of a child upsets the natural order of life, the most inconsolable loss. The first year(s) after a child dies, family doesn’t think they can go on; life is unfair, and all is a whirlwind of emotions. Somehow, in the thick of the grief, they manage to live day to day and adjust to the “new normal”. You are a survivor.

Show the world, inspire them; show them you know a hero and you are a survivor.

Sweet Pea Bracelets come on 3 varieties:

  • Sweet Pea Boy Bracelet: Green, Yellow with Blue center cord
  • Sweet Pea Girl: Green, Yellow with Pink center cord
  • Sweet Pea: Green and Yellow

All Bracelets are made from durable paracord (originally made to be used in an emergency for military, police and fire personnel). All bracelets are 7 ½ to 8” long. Bracelets can be worn in water (makes bracelet form better to your wrist).

Bracelets are $10
$15 for 2
Shipping Included


would like ti order a bracelet but there is no message link on fb page, i want one baby girl survival bracelet! where do i send check and order info >

You can order the bracelets here:
Sorry about that!!

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