Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drake's Doodlebugs' 48 Days of Hope

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Drake's Doodlebugs with Project Sweet Peas is holding their 2nd annual 48 Days of Hope with a book drive. They will be collecting DADDY CALLS ME DOODLEBUG books by J.D. Lester. Please help them reach their 48 book goal by purchasing this book at

Walmart for $5.00 + Shipping

Drake's Doodlebugs
C/O Christy Michel
717 Simpson Way
Covington, LA. 70435

Or if you prefer amazon

and shipping it to...

Drake's Doodlebugs
C/O Christy Michel
717 Simpson Way
Covington, LA. 70435

Or you can go to our website and donate whatever you can afford so they can purchase them.

2-18-08 TO 4-6-08

Every new sunrise is that new day of hope. Imagine waking up every morning and the only thing that you had left was hope.

Hope that your newborn will make it through another day. Hope that your baby will make it through just one more surgery. Hope that this will be the day that the doctors say that you can hold your baby for that very first time.

Everyday for 47 days, this was my hope....

Finally on that 48th day, I had a new hope. Hope that GOD would allow me the time to say goodbye while I held my child for that very first time. Hope that my child would no longer suffer. Hope that GOD would give me the strength to get through this day and the days to follow.....

Hope that my child would never be forgotten.

My hope with Drake's Doodlebugs is to make the experience of losing a child or caring for a child in the NICU just a little more bearable. I hope that those parents who may not get the chance to bring their child home with them will have as many memories as possible to hold dear to. Finally, I want to keep Drake's memory alive by honoring other babies.

Long Term Care packages consist of ... A Canvas Bag, Blanket, Visualization chart, wubbanub pacifier, reading book, puzzle book, journal, pen, baby eye mask (eye cover), Kleenex, clay hand/foot print mold, hand sanitizer, manicure set, disposable camera, baby lotion, baby wash, mini rubber duckie in doctor scrubs, wash towel, adult travel size toiletry kit ( shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, & laundry detergent)

Memory Packages consist of...a memory box, blanket, knitted cap, wisp of hair kit, broken heart pendant, grief book, 3 D casting kit for hands or feet, disposable camera, baby wash, baby lotion, wash towel, booties, hello/goodbye outfit (when available) photo frame, a small memory book.


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