Monday, August 13, 2012

August Sweet Pea Spotlight: Gavin

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 August Sweet Pea Spotlight

 This month our Sweet Pea is Gavin. Gavin graced this world for a precious 60 1/2 hours but will forever live on in the hearts of loved ones. This week on August 16th will be Gavin's 1st heavenly birthday. Please send warm thoughts and prayers to Gavin's family.

His name is Gavin Michael and he was beautiful. He had his mom's hands, skin tone and hair color and his dad's everything else. He came into this world weighing 1 pound 7.34 ounces, without a doubt, the tiniest baby we had ever seen, but also the most perfect. He had a iron will and the heart of lion. He was pure and gentle and only knew love and kindness. When he was born last August 16th, despite his 23 weeks 6 days gestation, he cried and opened one of his eyes immediately. Like every baby with a birth as early as his, he had his fair share of medical struggles. His lungs were underdeveloped, he had trouble controlling his blood sugar and his body temperature, just to name a few things. But he was a fighter. He took everything in stride and managed to give his parents 60 1/2 beautiful hours filled with nothing but love, joy, hope and inspiration. We were able to have Gavin hold onto our fingers, watched him wiggle his feet when they were tickled and on the morning of the day he died, he opened both of his eyes and stared into his mom's. They were so dark brown, almost black, exactly like his dad's. This sweet boy, a miracle in every way, gave us the most beautiful 60 1/2 hours on this planet. We will spend a lifetime being grateful to have been blessed with him.

Though the past almost year has been a difficult journey to say the least, my husband and I are eternally grateful to be Gavin's parents, to love him and to be loved by him. This August 16th, his first birthday, I encourage each and every one of you reading this story to hug your children and family members a little tighter, to go above and beyond what others expect of you. Let love and hope be your guide to greatness in this world. And Gavin, you are our first born, our son, the love of our life and we can't begin to thank you enough for allowing us to take this beautiful journey with you. We love you all the days of our lives.

-Ashley and Jesse Ortiz (Gavin's Mommy and Daddy)


I am so sorry for your loss, but so glad you got a chance to be with your sweet Gavin. Praying for you guys as you through this difficult time. We lost our little Carter, born at 25 weeks, at birth. I know what a difficult time this can be. Happy First Heaven birthday, Gavin!!

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