Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrating 5,000 Care Packages

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We never imagined shortly after celebrating our 3rd birthday here at Project Sweet Peas that we would have helped bring comfort to over 5,000 families! We recently donated our 5,000th care package!

Our wonderful Project Coordinators spend countless hours on running their project divisions. They all have had children in the ICU or have had a child pass away, and it is because of their own experiences that they dedicate themselves to giving back. They work with wonderful supporters who donate money, items and their own time to accomplish their project’s goals. If it wasn’t for our Project Coordinators, Project Volunteers, and our supporters, we would never be where we are today!

5,000 care packages to us means the thousands of smiles we brought to a family’s face when they realized they were not alone. It means the thousands of babies bonding with their mommies and daddies through our packages. It means the tens of thousands of items we offered families to build beautiful memories with their critically ill child. And it means the thousands of grieving parent’s hearts we helped heal through offering treasured keepsakes to remember their lost child.

To us, 5,000 is more than just the number of packages we delivered, it is the gift from our heart to inspire those families with the hope of tomorrow.


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