Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adopt A NICU Mom 2013

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Being in the NICU is hard enough on its own but spending holidays there makes it even more difficult. You can help put a smile on a mother's face by donating TODAY!!

Just $7 will sponsor four moms who will be spending their Mother's Day in the NICU. We are also offering a special incentive while supplies last for donations of $14 or more - a free Project Sweet Peas' Sweetfully Yours cookbook!

Throughout the Project Sweet Peas family there are more than 1600 NICU beds being supported. That is 1600 moms (in our supported areas) who will be sitting beside a sick baby this year.

Won't you take just a moment to help them feel a little bit better by ensuring that each one will receive a Mother's Day bracelet? Your donation can be made securely through PayPal.

To Adopt a NICU Mom visit our website now!


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