Saturday, July 31, 2010

Donny's Shining Light Fundraiser Results

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At the beginning of July we let you know about a fundraiser for Donny's Shining Light (you can read the post here), and now we'd like to share the results of that fundraiser with you!

This yard sale was the first fundraiser for Donny's Shining Light. Here are some of Theresa's thoughts on it:

"Yard sales are a lot of work...whew! However it was all worth it! I know I touched a lot of people's hearts as I told them about my son and about Project Sweet Peas. I received a genuine hug from one mom who kept saying how sorry she was... She was so nice. Had one lady take a business card and flyer and tell me she would copy it and pass them out at her church. How sweet of her. Had some people, after they heard exactly why I was having this yard sale, put money in my bottle banks I had on the table. I thanked them a lot!...I even met with a mom who lost a baby herself. She, along with many others, were very thankful towards me for delivering gift bags to families that have babies in the NICU. They said how nice it was of me. I, in return, said I do it because I know the road they are on. I do it in my son's memory. I feel so good about doing this. It is such a feeling to say to the world 'this is my son. He lived. He is loved every day. He brings us joy. It is through him that we spread love to others.'"

The yard sale was a success in more ways than one and raised over $450 for Donny's Shining Light!

The fundraiser went so well that Theresa plans on doing another yard sale fundraiser for Donny's Shining Light with her mom in September.

Here are some pictures from the event:

(Donny's Light Shining Down)


So awesome Theresa!!!!!!

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