Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fundraisers for Nimkee Blessings

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Melissa, project leader of Nimkee Blessings, also had a yard sale fundraiser this past month. All items sold were donated by others and all proceeds are benefiting Nimkee Blessings.

This yard sale was sort of an impromptu fundraiser that fell into Melissa's lap. She says, "I decided to just allow people to make donations as they felt compelled to and didn't put prices on anything. It isn't my stuff to price, and I felt that as long as they knew it was for charity, they could be as generous as they wanted to be!"

Like Theresa, of Donny's Shining Light, mentioned about her yard sale, Melissa also feels that the yard sale fundraiser gave her a wonderful opportunity to share about Project Sweet Peas. Melissa said, "A lot of people were very interested and showed genuine compassion. I placed a couple of framed photos of Bennett on my table, alongside the plaster mold of his foot with his brothers' hands surrounding it, and was able to print off a few pages to put into a booklet that was shared with whomever wanted to take the time to look at it."

The yard sale will be on-going. She says, "I will try and keep it set up for as long as possible and also am willing to take in donated items from people that just have stuff to get rid of and don't want to host their own sale."

Melissa also explains, "We are still wanting to do a benefit concert in September." More details about this fundraiser to come later.

For more information on Nimkee Blessings visit the project's page on the PSP website by clicking here. Or contact Melissa at


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