Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hailey's Hope Birthday Delivery

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We're excited to tell you about a recent special delivery made by local project, Hailey's Hope, which currently serves The Children's Hospital at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

As a bereaved parent, Kristin, project leader of Hailey's Hope, worried about her daughter's first birthday. She wanted to make sure the day was one of celebrating her daughter's life and a reason for joy instead of a day full of grief. To help make this happen, Kristin set a goal that Hailey's Hope would make a very special delivery on Hailey's birthday to the NICU where Hailey stayed.

This fall Hailey's Hope had been holding item drives and doing other small local fundraisers so that the project could deliver its goal of 50 basic NICU bags and 10 memory boxes on Hailey's 1st birthday, December 1, 2010. After several successful fundraisers and receiving overwhelming support and donations, Hailey's Hope reached its goal and had enough extras to have a great start for its donations in 2011!

On December 1, Hailey's birthday, Hailey's Hope delivered its 50 bags and 10 memory boxes to The Children's Hospital. This was the second delivery for Hailey's Hope, and this delivery Kristin was able to go to the NICU and talk with several of the NICU nurses. The nurses were all overjoyed about the donations and expressed how grateful the families were who had received bags from the first round of donations that Hailey's Hope donated back in June. They were extremely thankful to have more bags to give to more families, especially during this difficult time of year, and are already looking forward to the next time Hailey's Hope can donate more bags.

Overall, the delivery was quite the success for Hailey's Hope and Kristin. Kristin felt her daughter's birthday was celebrated the best way it could have been and is extremely grateful for everyone who helped make it possible.

Here are a few pictures from the delivery (to see more pictures from the delivery and to stay updated on the latest new for Hailey's Hope please visit the project's Facebook page:


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