Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shelby's Sunshine Polar Plunge

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On November 28, 2010, Shelby's Sunshine hosted a Polar Plunge fundraiser at their local Moose Lodge in Indiana.

Tickets were sold for $20 each and enabled participants to take 'the plunge' and receive a Shelby's Sunshine t-shirt. All proceeds from the event went towards purchasing items to fill gift bags for families with a child in the NICU.

We are happy to share that this event turned out to be a HUGE success!

There were 16 people who dared to jump in the lake waist deep and take the plunge into frigid waters, and many spectators came out to watch!

Shelby's Sunshine had many people make additional donations, purchase raffle tickets for the 7 raffles, and buy polar plunge polar bears.

Because of the event and the support, project leader Stephanie was able to raise over $1000 that day for Shelby's Sunshine!

From Stephanie:
We are so very thankful to so many people, companies, friends, and family.
Christy--Thanks so much for the basket!! It was a huge hit!

Kate--Thanks for the raffle prize and for making the trip.....It means so much to my family. Corin--Thanks for all the help with the fliers, wavier and all you did to support this event. Thanks to all who supported this event via Facebook, supporting us with your words.

To see more pictures from the event and to stay updated with Shelby's Sunshine, please visit the project's Facebook page.


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