Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome Kit's Muse & Kit's Muse Yarn Drive!

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This post contains a lot of important information so please make sure you read the whole thing!

First, Project Sweet Peas would like to welcome another new local project, Kit's Muse! Jennifer is the project leader of Kit's Muse and Kit's mom. Kit's Muse donates care packages to its local hospital in Missouri. For more information, contact Jennifer by emailing her at

Secondly, Kit's Muse will be having it's first Yarn Drive!! Please see the flier below for all the info you need to help provide beautiful gowns and pouches for angel babies as well as hats, mitts, booties and more for our NICU babies and families. (If you have trouble reading the flier, please click on the image so you can enlarge it; if you're still having problems, contact Jennifer at her email listed above!)

Here is Kit's story as told by Jennifer...

When I found out I was pregnant it was a happy day. Kitquin would make child number three and mark the end of our baby days. Since I had already had two children I assumed the third would be easy. My oldest boys were ages 9 and 11. I went to my doctor and it was determined I would have a full clotting blood panel done. I did not have this test with my other children but I was older now and my mother and grandfather have a history of blood clotting so we felt it was important. A week later I got a call. I was told I had MTHFR a genetic blood clotting disorder. Due to these findings I was set up to see a perinatologist as well as my normal doctor. MTHFR can lead to late term still birth, slow growth and other issues related to blood flow to the baby. Halfway through the pregnancy I started having contractions too often and was admitted twice to make sure I was not in labor. Everything always calmed down though and I was put on bed rest. At my 7 month doctor appointment I told him I just didn’t feel like Kitquin was growing and at my 7.5 month Perinatologist appointment I was told Kitquin was not growing. I was induced 2 days later. On May 21st 2009 Kitquin Maryanna Angeline Edwards was born via
induction weighing 5 lbs 5 oz and 18 in long. She had just hit 36 weeks gestation that day. She did not do well. She couldn’t breathe on her own and her heart rate was fast. The level II NICU she was in couldn’t support her needs and she was transferred to a level III NICU when she was 3 days old. After transport she was given surfactant to open her lungs and put on a full vent. She was on 2 antibiotics and an antiviral and had an NG tube to down her nose to feed her. We could not hold her for 5 days and for the first 3 would couldn’t touch her, talk much around her or be too near her incubator. Kitquin developed a blister on her head that couldn’t be explained. They needed to rule out blood infections so she endured 10 spinal taps. No infection was ever found. After many ups and downs we brought Kitquin home on June 2nd 2009. She was not in the NICU for what many would consider a long time. We spent 12 days in the NICU but it seems like a lifetime to me. Kitquin is now a small but healthy toddler. The NICU experience still sticks with us though and that’s why Kit’s Muse was conceived. It is our mission to create hand crafted Angel gowns, hats, mitts, booties and other goods to help comfort and add smiles to families with their baby in the NICU.


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