Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thank You Thursday: Papas of Preemies

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Today is Thank You Thursday! Every Thursday we would like to take the opportunity to show our appreciation to organizations and individuals making a difference in the lives of ICU families.

Today we send our sincerest thanks to Papas of Preemies! If you are a papa (or a mama) of a preemie be sure to check out this amazing group started by Joel (papa to Jayden born 7 weeks early.) Joel created this group as a forum for preemie parents to share insight, experiences and support. As a dad, he was eager to break the notion that fathers are not emotional beings.

Papas of Preemies offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to the preemie parent. They are a forum for parents with a premature baby to share their stories and communicate with other parents. Their contributors provide insight to other parents based on their own experiences. They are all around a wonderful resource for parents, particularly for dads and we commend them for all that they do! Please take a moment to stop by their Facebook and website!


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