Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Hope - Bringing HOPE to families with critically ill children during the holidays

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Holiday Hope

Thousands of families across the country will spend the holidays in the intensive care unit this year – with all in need of some form of comfort. Consider paying it forward and providing hope to these families this year in time for the holidays!

Holiday Hope is an initiative in which families nationwide are encouraged to give back to their local hospitals, medical care home or housing facility, December 11th through the 25th. It is our hope that if enough families join in, together we can bring a touch of comfort to them all.

Join our Holiday Hope Initiative

It’s easy; join our Facebook group ‘Holiday Hope’ where we will offer advice, ideas, and tips on how to donate and get involved with your local ICU in time for the holidays.

Our Facebook group can be found here:

Frequent our blog and Facebook group often. We will be posting advice throughout the season!

Spread the word

Share the initiative on your pages, and your blogs. Submit the Holiday Hope initiative to your local news station, newspaper or other media outlet. Help us reach out and inspire as many people as possible!

Share Your Story

After you have made your donation to your local ICU, visit our website to submit your story to our Holiday Hope database! Your story will be featured on Project Sweet Peas social media.


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