Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Hope Tip #3: Deciding What to Donate to Your Local ICU: In-Hospital Events

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Many people associate the Holidays with good food and good company. When experiencing a ICU stay, parents rarely are able to have home cooked meals and their interactions with loved ones are limited. Consider donating your time to providing meals, a crafting event or other in-hospital event to your local ICU to bring some cheer in time for the holidays.

For some hospitals, these services may exist so make sure to inquire about them when making initial contact with your hospital, you may be able to volunteer!

If your hospital does not currently offer your service of interest, you might want to inquire about starting one. As we have mentioned previously, some hospitals may not allow meals, or other services because of their policies. But take it from us, it really doesn't hurt to ask! If anything, they will be grateful that you are thinking of their families, even if it isn't a possibility right now.

So what are some possible events you could host at your local hospital?
  • Meals: As we mentioned previously, homemade meals are few and far between for ICU families. Providing a home cooked meal will be sure to put a smile on their faces. Make something that is easy to cook in large quantities. Casseroles, chili and other similar recipes are great main dishes to serve. Another idea is to do something where the families can assemble what they would like. For example, a sandwich bar or a make your own waffle setup.  You could also bring snacks for the families to take back with them to the room. 
  • Crafting Events: Providing a craft will give families the much needed time to focus on something positive and fun. Many, many times I have heard from families how great it was just to have those moments to unwind. Scrapbooking is a great service to provide ICU families. Other ideas include onesie, picture frame or name plaque decorating. Check out pinterest! You can find a wealth of adorable baby crafts!
  • Support group: Host a support group in your local ICU for families to come together and bond with one another. Include local volunteers in the meeting that have been through a ICU stay. They will be able to provide valuable support to families. Overall, this is a great social activity for parents and siblings to interact with one another. 
  • Photo sessions: Invite a local photographer and Santa to the ICU. Create a photo opportunity for families to treasure forever.

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